Real Estate

couple on moving day

Michele Allinotte provides real estate services, including:

  • residential purchases, sales and mortgage transactions,
  • commercial and agricultural purchases, sales and financing,
  • vacation and recreational properties,
  • leases, and,
  • condominiums.


Deanna Leroux is our real experienced estate clerk. Between Michele and Deanna, we bring over 40 years of real estate experience and thousands of transactions to our interactions with clients and the legal issues encountered in your typical (and not-so-typical) real estate transaction. 

Buying a home (or any property) is the biggest investment most people will ever make. At Allinotte Law Office Professional Corporation, we understand that the process of buying and selling a home can overload you with information yet leave you with many questions all at the same time. You need legal guidance early in the process to make sure that you are making the right decisions. The real estate lawyers and staff at Allinotte Law Office Professional Corporation can take you from drafting and signing an agreement of purchase and sale to delivering your keys on the closing day (one of the best parts of our job!). You can close with confidence if you choose our firm to handle your transaction.

At the outset, we provide all clients with an information package outlining the steps in buying or selling a home, including an explanation of what title insurance is and what questions you should be asking your lawyer and real estate agent. You are also invited to meet with us early in the process for a Real Estate 101 meeting where all the legal questions you have can be answered.

To get started with Allinotte Law Office Professional Corporation, give us a call at (613) 933-7720. Or, schedule your Real Estate 101 meeting using this link.